ForeSea - created to improve Maritime safety

ForeSea is an information system for accidents, incidents / "near misses" and non-conformities at sea. The system is designed and used of the shipping industry in Sweden and Finland and is a developed version of the Swedish information system INSJÖ.

  • What is the purpose with ForeSea?
    ForeSea has been created to improve maritime safety. The ambition is to capture the conditions that are normally not reported to the authorities.
  • Why create an Experience Data Bank?
    By reporting to ForeSea's experience data bank a company can inform others in the shipping industry about an experience and the measures taken to enhance maritime safety.
  • Report to the Experience Data Bank
    The reports are registrated in a data base and make it possible to identify and analyze risks at sea.


Den 19 februari arrangerar ForeSea ett seminarium i Göteborg. Under seminariet kommer vi att berätta om incidentrapporteringssystemet, hur man kan få nytta av systemet, uppdateringar som gjorts och diskutera hur vi arbetar med frågan framöver.

On September 18, Swedish Shipowners´Association´s platform ForeSea met its reference group at Stena Line. The meeting was aimed at discussing the future work of the platform, where it is of great importance that shipping companies are active.

ForeSea has a new web site, welcome to look around.