Input of reports

What can be reported to the experience the bank?

To the experience data bank all types of events may be reported that are normally reported in the company's SMS system. These are:

Accident - An event that has occurred and received an unwanted consequence.

Near Miss - An event that has occurred and who was very close to receiving an unwanted consequence.

Non Conformity - An event that could occur due to the observed deficiencies in technology, maintenance, staffing, procedures, etc. and if that happened could have an unintended consequence. A Non Conformity can also refer to a preventive measure or a security-enhancing proposals that would be communicated to others in the shipping industry.

Who may report to the experience bank?

Only the company's DP (Designated Person) is entitled to report to ForeSea

How to report to the experience data bank?

Report to the experience data bank is made by form on ForeSea's website.

The report form's core are the fields below:

• What happened? (What did the ship? What were you doing on board? What went wrong?)
• What consequence was the experienced?
• If Near Miss or Non Conformity, what consequences may be expected?
• What was the cause of the event?
• What steps were taken on board?
• What can you do in the long term in the Company to prevent the repetition of the occurrence?

By answering the above questions as fully as possible, a knowledge bank with quality information is created that can be used to enhance maritime safety through trend analysis, accident sequence and causation.