What information is created on the basis of experience in the bank?

Experience Bank is used to create the following:

• List of reports
• Key figures
• Feedback with similar reports
• Ishikawa diagram for interactive search and analysis of searches.
• Safety Index, created with Risk Assessment
• Feeds of highlighted reports
• Safety Alerts
• Lessons Learned

• Safety Reports
• Risk Assessment

Information is available depending given access rights. The public without login can access the latest reports and key figures. Full access to the experience data bank has the administrator of ForeSea. All details of the experience data bank is anonymous and therefore no confidentiality issue.

Who may search in the experience data bank?

A simple search form that is used to search in the experience data bank is available for user categories DP and Visitor. This requires special login. A more advanced search form is available for user-category DP + (Super User). To qualify for this access level a shorter training of ICC is required. User Researcher category has in addition to the more advanced search form also access to a function to export data from ForeSea to MS-Excel for further analysis and creation of statistics. Search and analysis can also be ordered from ICC. In making such a request ICC controls how the information will be used.

What is the key figures used for?

The key figures are used to provide a quantitative picture of the content of the experience data bank. The diagrams composed of key figures is clickable. Clicking on a bar in a chart shows the reports that are grouped in the category. The key figures are thus a simple form of searching.

What statistics can be created using ForeSea?

ForeSea is not intended to produce statistics. The form, focusing instead on gathering qualitative information about what is happening or may happen in ship operations, what is worth sharing with others and learn from. No official statistics, except for the key figures are produced by ForeSea. Of course, bars and graphs are created by using the data contained in the experience data bank. Where these are made, however the aim is to identify any trends and in this way to control the direction of measures to enhance maritime safety.

What is a "Highlighted Report"?

A "Highlighted Report" is a report which the ForeSea administrator has judged to be of interest to others in the shipping industry and to immediately take advantage of. Feeds can be a relevant way to quickly get information about a "Highlighted Report".

What is a "Safety Alert"?

A "Safety Alert" is a warning to all of the shipping industry that there are conditions that must be urgently taken into consideration to avoid that an undesirable event will occur.
A DP can mark a specific report to be a "Safety Alert". This is done by checking the box on a specific report format. When such a report is received ForeSea contacts the working group of the National Steering Committee to formulate the content of the warning. A "Safety Alert" is distributed immediately by ForeSea's administrator to all authorized users. Each country's administration may also independent of ForeSea create own "Safety Alerts". Links to such external "Safety Alerts" are usually inserted in ForeSea's website.

What is a "Lessons Learned"?

A "Lessons Learned" is a brief description of captured knowledge. It is usually based on many reports. The purpose of a "Lessons Learned" is to support maritime safety work on board by paying attention to as many as possible on how operations can be improved. Usually "Lessons Learned" are spread by the National Administration or Ship-owners' Association. To reach as many as possible of the shipping industry trade union press and other media are used. Links to such a "Lessons Learned" is usually inserted on ForeSea's website.

What is a safety index?

* A safety index is a measure of how seriously an individual shipping company estimates the event that is reported. For help in assessing, the receiept with similar events that is returned to the reporter is used. The creation of a safety index is made in the IRIS system and the evaluation report is attached in LOOP 2, see the report's flow. The creation of a safety index is not a requirement so all reports do not contain this information.

* SA Index = Impact * Probability * Exposure