Report flows

What happens to a submitted report?

When the DP sends a report to ForeSea it always goes through a LOOP 1 to the left. If the shipping company so wishes, the DP may insert a SA Index which initiates LOOP 2 to the right.


  1. DP receives a report from one of the company's ships.
  2. DP completes the report form and sends the report to ForeSea. (If the shipping company has an IRIS System, the system will send the report to the DP ForeSea directly)
  3. The report is stored as a "new report" in the system. The administrator of ForeSea may if necessary, contact DP for additional information.
  4. The administrator sets "keywords" to the description of the event in order to facilitate future searches in the experience data bank. The report is anonymized.
  5. The administrator looks for similar reports in the experience data bank and prepares to send those to DP as receipt of the submitted report.
  6. Does the administrator judge that the report is interesting for other companies the anonymized report is sent as a "Highlighted Report" to the rest of the shipping industry. Has the DP stated that the report should form the basis of a "Safety Alert", the working committee of the National Steering Group is contacted.
  7. The reciept is sent to the DP that goes through the similar events that have occurred and informs the ship and the shipping company this.
  8. The administrator stores the reports in the experience data bank and thus the information becomes available to all affiliated companies.


  1. DP makes a Formal Safety Assessment, based on the receipt of similar events, and encloses an index SA to report.
  2. In addition, the DP describes the corrective actions the Company has implemented to prevent a similar occurrence from happening again.
  3. The administrator stores the report in ForeSea which is now supplemented by an index SA and corrective actions. This information thus becomes available in the experience bank.