How does integrity work?

Is it possible to report anonymously?

No. To report to ForeSea requires a login. Login to report is given only to the DP (Designated Person) on a shipping company which is connected to ForeSea. DP is not anonymous when the report is sent.

This is to avoid undue reporting which could ultimately undermine the credibility of the experience data bank. It may also be important to be able to ask supplementary questions to the DP if anything should be unclear when the report is recorded

Is it possible to find out who sent a report?

NO. Before a report filed in the experience data bank all the information about who sent it is destroyed. It is thus impossible to retrospectively find out who sent a specific report.

Has the reporter mistakenly provided information in the report that possibly can be used to derive where an event has occurred is that information deleted by the staff administering the experience data bank.

Is the experience data bank protected against intrusion?

YES. ForeSea have good protection against illegal entry as so long as no password is lost.

Have those who administer ForeSea secrecy?

YES. All staff administering ForeSea work under confidentiality and professional secrecy. Information contained in ForeSea is thus protected from disclosure to unauthorized persons.

When the safety of other shipping companies or ship is in danger and may be avoided secrecy can be lifted. This is always done in consultation with the responsible persons of the Company.