IRIS system

IRIS (Improvement Reporting Information System) is an information system developed for use by individual shipping companies. IRIS is used by shipping companies who want to assemble crews experience on accidents, near-misses, non-conformities and suggestions for improvements. Such reporting requirements are, inter alia, the ISM Code.

IRIS offered at subsidized rates for shipping companies that are connected to ForeSea. The purpose is to facilitate the to transmission ForeSea. This is done by DP who can easily send selected reports to ForeSea. The link between IRIS and ForeSea creates a unique opportunity for an individual shipping company to make a "Safety Assessment" in which the entire industry's collective experience can be considered in the assessments.

The following companies are using IRIS:
Admare Ship Management AS
ESL Shipping Ltd
Furetank Rederi AB
Gota Ship Management AB
Molselinjen/Danske Faerger AS
Nordic Ferry Services A/S
OSM Crew Management A/S
OSM Ship Management A/S
Rederi Ab Eckerö
Rederi AB Älvtank
Stena Line AB
Swedia Rederi AB
Team Tankers Deep Sea Ltd
Viking Line Ab
Viking Supply Ship Management AB
Vinga Ship Management AB