ForeSea as a concept and the technical system is developed by ICC (IPSO Classification & Control AB).

Who created ForeSea?

ForeSea as a concept and the technical system is developed by IRIS. IRIS is an independent consultancy company in the area of reliability / safety systems and processes. IRIS has also developed the information systems, INSJÖ, NEARMISS.DK and IRIS. Subcontractors to IRIS AB is Ampere Media AB and YouKnowWhat AB

What is IRIS?

IRIS is responsible for the operation of ForeSea and the main activity is to administer the experience data bank. The main elements of IRIS's commitment is outlined below.

Receive reports submitted

IRIS will receive reports from affiliated companies.

Submissions made anonymous reports

IRIS is committed to de-identify the report before it is finally stored in bank safety experience. This includes destroying any remnants of reports that can reveal the identity of the Rapporteur.

Send an acknowledgment to the reporter

IRIS will acknowledge each individual report to the reporter. Receipt should include a search for similar incidents in the experience bank.

Accounting experience in content bank

IRIS shall twice a year to present a summary of the reports received. These summaries are distributed to relevant stakeholders. IRIS will also provide a basis for the "Safety Alerts" and "Lessons Learned" which will be produced by ForeSea.

Help for search in experience data bank

IRIS shall be helpful to competent users and assist them when necessary to seek experience in the data base to do research or equivalent.

Coordinate ForSea operations

IRIS, in cooperation with ForSea's steering and reference groups encourage good reporting and the reports are of high quality.