Meeting with ForeSea's reference group

On September 18, Swedish Shipowners´Association´s platform ForeSea met its reference group at Stena Line. The meeting was aimed at discussing the future work of the platform, where it is of great importance that shipping companies are active.

ForeSea is an information system for accidents, near-misses and deviations, whose primary purpose is to prevent maritime accidents and improve maritime safety. The system offers vessels and shipping companies a concrete and effective tool to proactively work with maritime safety issues. By gathering, analyzing and sharing information from the vessels incident reports in a joint experience bank, shipping companies can make decisions about measures and improvements based on a broad base of real data from an entire industry.

- ForeSea is an important platform for our proactive safety and security work. The fact that the analyzes can be based on things that actually happened makes them more useful and leads to effective prevention work. To develop and improve the system even more, we hope that more people will join the system - in this way we can together improve safety on board, says Christina Palmén, project manager for ForeSea.