2nd Project on Damage Stability for RoRo Passenger ships

Ro-ro passenger ship services constitute an important part of the European maritime infrastructure, and indeed play a crucial role for Sweden in connecting seaborne transport routes to and from our neighboring countries. Moreover, northern European countries have been leading the development of, not only the ro-ro passenger ship concept as such, but also the development of relevant safety standards for this fleet. Understandably, it is therefore crucial for the Swedish maritime sector to take part of the legislative process that covers a significant share of the Swedish maritime infrastructure.

The aim of the 2nd RoPax DamStab Project has been to review and evaluate existing as well as future ro-ro passenger ship safety regulations from a theoretical perspective, with the objectives to:
1. provide in-depth knowledge about and facilitate the understanding of existing as well as future damage stability standards,
2. facilitate understanding of ship type specific characteristics from a safety standard aspect, and
3. assess the consequences for the ro-ro passenger ship fleet.

The report below outlines the work and findings of the 2nd RoPax DamStab Project as performed during the years 2017/ 2018, financed by the Swedish Transport Administration.

PDF icon trv_2017.pdf